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At Blue Ant Video, creative storytelling is what drives our work every single day. From the inspiring story of a World War II veteran, to the fascinating history of a corporation, to an in-depth medical case study, Blue Ant Video brings passion and purpose to each production. Our broad range of services includes concept and script development, production, and post-production.


Founder and President, Brenda Napolitano, leads her team with a discerning eye for visual quality. She reaches beyond YouTube’s “anything goes” sensibility, and encourages her clients to match the excellence of their company and story with a commensurate level of video production.


Brenda’s career began more than 20 years ago in New York City doing research for NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman. She later returned to her hometown and earned a BA from the University of New Orleans. She earned her stripes by producing and editing programming broadcast in more than 40 major television markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas.


Brenda will happily discuss projects of all sizes and budgets, and is committed to delivering productions that not only meet, but exceed, her clients’ expectations.










We have experience creating medical multimedia products for an educational program with ACCME accreditation with commendation.


Our tenured team has over 20 years of national and international experience producing and editing more than 200 videos in this field alone.



Corporate environments are where we thrive, translating our creative experiences into the corporate landscape help companies set themselves apart from the competition.


We tailor our production and execution to the needs of each client and project, accounting for timelines, target audiences, budgets and distribution strategies. We learn your business inside and out, to better understand your needs. 



Compelling video content has an unparalleled conversion rate so let our team help you get noticed.


Our creative and passion project experience includes documentaries and other short videos with national audiences.

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